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Tableau Data Types – String, Boolean, Number and Date time

Tableau data types are classified into one of the four categories namely - String, Number, Boolean and datetime. Once data is loaded from source, tableau automatically assigns the data types, but you can also change some of the data types if it satisfies the data conversion rule. Also the user has to specify the data type for calculated fields. //affiliate.flipkart.com/affiliate/widgets/FKAffiliateWidgets.js   Tableau...

Tableau Business Intelligence and Analytics tool

Introduction - Tableau is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool for visually analyzing the data. It is positioned as a leader Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform in Gartner Magic Quadrant. Users can create and distribute interactive and shareable dashboards which depict the trends, variations and density of the data in form of graphs and charts. Tableau can connect to files,...

Oracle Java Certification path – OCAJP, OCPJP, OCE and OCM

Java certification
Oracle Java Certification path As a fresher in the world of Java or being a Java expert; Java certification is one of the highly recognized IT credentials in the industry and it can do a lot for your career!  Some of the reasons to get Java certified are - Certified professional have higher earning potential than a non-certified peer. Highly recognized certification in...

Import data from multiple Excel files using SSIS

SSIS Tutorials - In this interesting post, we will learn how to import data from multiple Excel files to a single destination say, SQL Server using SSIS. This question is asked in many MSBI interviews and also by many followers, so the wait is over. Let me explain the scenario to understand this problem. Suppose, there is one folder...

How to find Last Friday of each Month of an year in SQL Server

Last Friday of each Month
Question :-  How can we find first Friday and last Friday of each month in SQL Server? Description :-  This is one of the important question from SQL Server category, if you are preparing for any interview. Moreover, it is also used in majority of the IT projects. One scenario where it can be required to find the last Friday of each month is- To...

SSIS Merge Transformation explained with example

Aim :-  This post under SSIS Tutorial category will enlighten you with a very interesting transformation i.e. Merge transformation in SSIS. In this article we will learn about the Input requirements, working and Configuration of SSIS Merge transformation. Description :-  Listening the term “MERGE”, it sounds like combining something. In SSIS, this something is Data which comes from various sources (can...

Learn Change data capture – CDC in SQL Server with Example

Change Data Capture
Aim :-  In this post, we will discuss What, Why, How of Change Data Capture (CDC) in SQL Server. Description :-  SSIS is a very good ETL tool provided by Microsoft and generally used to Load data into Database. In some scenarios, Business user comes up with a requirement to save all the history of the changes to the data. This...

SSIS Precedence constraint – Success, Failure and Completion

Precedence Constraint
Aim :-  Today, we are going to watch and learn a very interesting thing in SSIS i.e. Precedence Constraints. They are like Soldiers of a country, very important and essential yet no limelight. Moreover, they don’t feel bad for no recognition of their work. Description :-  In SSIS package, Precedence constraints are the arrows in a Control flow which is...

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