Latest SQL scenario based Interview Questions and Answers

Hello visitor, Are you preparing for an Interview and wants to hit scenario based SQL Interview questions? You are at the right ground. ” In your IT life, Interviews are like doing Toothbrush each day “  by Chander Sharma. Agree? Like you choose best toothbrush for your teeth, similarly you need best material to prepare for

Write Hello World program in JAVA

Whatever scripting language you learn, the first program you will execute is Hello world program using that technology. It is a kind of tradition in your programming world, Am I correct? I still remember my college days where the first program I learned was Hello world in Java. Let me add one more point, it

Attribute centric and Element centric XML

This post is composed of 2 main keywords. One is XML and other is your favorite SQL Server. In this article, you will learn how to read XML form of data in SQL server and then convert SQL Server data into XML form.  Before starting with my technical explanation on this topic, I would like

Introduction to Neural network in AI?

Aim :-  This article is written for those who are/wants to learn Artificial Intelligence (AI). Below are the learning’s, you will get from this post – Small example explaining How AI is making world Intelligent. 5 attributes which will transform Machine into Artificial Intelligent machine. Learn Neural network. Pattern Matching. Comparison between Human brain and

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Learn AI

Introduction -  Artificial Intelligence abbreviated as AI is defined as the Study of Intelligence agent. It defines the protocols for the machines (made by human minds) to act and understand the real human behaviour. The machine should respond in the same way as human being does. With this post, I am going to define what

How to Retain Same Connection Property in SSIS?

Aim :- This article will help you to learn about How to Retain same connection property in SSIS? This question is one of the most asked interview question for SSIS. I will enlighten your brain with theory first and then we will learn how to implement this property practically. Make sense? I bet you will

Aggregate Transformation in SSIS

Aim :  This post is specifically for those geeks who wants to learn about SSIS Aggregate Transformation. Microsoft provides a vast list of Data Flow transformations in SSIS, and this (aggregate transformation) is one of the most used transformations in SSIS. Description :  Aggregate transformation is a blocked and Asynchronous transformation. With Asynchronous, I mean

How to fetch data from Excel using SSIS from a particular row ?

Aim :  How can we fetch data from excel using SSIS from a particular row or middle of the excel sheet. Description :  During my recent project development, I faced this interesting scenario. My client sent me the data in excel file and told me to export the data from that given Excel to local

Introduction to MDX query basic terms – SQL vs MDX

If you are on this page for more than 2 seconds, than I can bet you want to deal with MDX. Be rest assured, you are at the right place to begin your MDX journey. I am learning MDX these days so excited to share my knowledge on MDX. The deal from my side is

Output of Select one by two (1/2) in SQL Server

Aim :- This article aims at a small yet interesting question i.e. what will be the output of the given statement in SQL Server - (Select one by two ( ½) )? Description :- This looks like an easy question with a straight answer. One of my friend asked me this question. He faced this

Create SSRS report with Excel as Source

Aim :- This article will aim at creating a SSRS report with Excel as source. Description :- Hello members, in our previous articles on SSRS (one of the best reporting tool), we have shared with you that we can take SQL SERVER as a Source. But now we will go with one more approach i.e.