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At PhpRing, we are dedicated to provide Tutorials on Business Intelligence, Data warehousing, MSBI, Java, SQL, Spring, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and various databases.

Chander kant Sharma aka (Ck)


About Me – I enjoy my work at PhpRing with my Team.
I play with – MSBI, SQL Server, MS PowerPivot, MS PowerView, Oracle, Tableau and JasperSoft
Passion – To Dream new Ideas.
Aim – To Die after performing BIG.
Motivation – Tools may be best but the User skills makes it Awesome.

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Idrisha Das aka Chankz

Author, Spring

About Me – I work at Syntel as a Java developer.
I play with – Spring MVC, Core Java and SQL Server.
Passion –
Aim –
Motivation –

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Avinash Reddy

Author, MSBI

About Me I am working as a Reporting Analyst at United Health Group.
I play with MSBI, SQL Server, Tableau and MS PowerView.
Passion I love to help those people who are turning their carrier into MSBI. I’m very happy to share my knowledge at PhpRing.
Aim To learn something new every single day
Motivation To learn something new every single day. Learning something new from different views is always fun!!

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Amit Wadhwa

Author, JAVA

About Me – I am studying Masters in Information Technology from Monash University, Australia 
I play with – Java, Data Management, Software Engineering
Passion –  Being honest, reliable and dependable leader. I enjoy inspiring motivation and creativity in others.
Aim – To be a role model for others.
Motivation – I’m creative, effective, motivated and love problem solving! “A more expensive tennis racket will not make you a better player”.

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Abhishek Kaushik aka Abhi

Author, Artificial Intelligence

About Me – II am working at Siemens research Group.
I play with – AI , IT Security infrastructure  and Management and Competitive Intelligence.
Passion – To spread rationalism & education and to provide to the world the opportunity of self help.
Aim – To serve parents and mother land India.
Motivation – The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep.

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Syed Nizam

Author, MSBI

About Me I work for Virtus IT as a MSBI developer.
I play with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, MSBI and SQL Server.
Passion To teach Newbie and make them perfect for the Job.
Aim Increase my knowledge day by day.
Motivation The only thing that makes you perfect is ‘TEACHING’ and I am enjoying teaching.

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