List of Popular and Best ETL tools with Comparisons


ETL is always been a buzzword in the field of Data warehousing and Business Intelligence. If you wish to get more information on ETL and list of various ETL tools, then do continue reading this post. Now, Let us understand this ETL concept starting with its full form i.e. E for Extraction, T for Transformation and L for Loading. This concept was emerged due to the need of migration or transformation of data from one location to another. ETL tools were specifically designed to ease the task of data warehouse developer and reduce the development time. With the usage of ETL tools, process of hard coding to migrate or transform the data is being replaced with easy drag and drop user interface.

Today, we have numerous ETL tools present in the market competing with each other on the basis of Cost, Functionality and other attributes. The core functionality of all the ETL tools is –

  1. E : Extraction of data – Merging of data from heterogeneous sources such as Flat file, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.
  2. T : Transformation of data – Refreshing or Synchronization or Cleansing or transforming the data in the data warehouse from different formats to required single format. Various transformations used are like Sort, Aggregate, Conditional split, etc.
  3. L : Loading of data – Pushing data into the destination or target tables or data warehouse. Various destinations are like SQL Server, Excel, etc.

Apart from these basic functionalities, ETL tools extend to other features like Data mining, Data profiling, Data cleansing, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Master data management, etc. Once the data is made available in a data warehouse or data mart or OLAP cube with the use of ETL tool, then Analyses and Visualization of data takes part.

List of some Best ETL tools present in market

  1. (OWB) Oracle Warehouse Builder.
  2. SAP Data Services.
  3. IBM Infosphere Information Server.
  4. SAS Data Management.
  5. Power Center Informatica.
  6. Elixir Repertoire for Data ETL.
  7. Data Migrator (IBI).
  8. Microsoft SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services).
  9. Talend Studio for Data Integration.
  10. Sagent Data Flow.
  11. Pervasive Data Integrator.
  12. Open Text Integration Center.
  13. Oracle Data Integrator (ODI).
  14. Cognos Data Manager.
  15. CloverETL.
  16. Centerprise Data Integrator.
  17. IBM Infosphere Warehouse Edition.
  18. Pentaho Data Integration.
  19. Adeptia Integration Server.
  20. Syncsort DMX.
  21. QlikView Expressor.
  22. Relational Junction ETL Manager (Sesame Software)
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