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For Loop Container in SSIS

For loop Container
Description - Before implementing the For Loop Container, I would like to tell you that i like this container the most out of all the mentioned Containers. Let’s not waste much of our time and get started with the example on For Loop Container. Example Scenario :-We will create a table with the name Data having fields Sr_No and Date. Then, with the help of...

Container in SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services

Containers in SSIS
Description - Moving ahead from Import and Export Wizard, we will now discuss on the topic Containers in SSIS. In my previous post on SSIS and It’s Architecture, I discussed about Packages, Control and Data flow, Connection Managers, Containers, etc. Let’s recall some of the concepts and wrap it shortly:- Package: - A basic unit of Design, Deployment and Execution. Connection...

SQL Server Import and Export Wizard in SSIS – Part 2

Import and Export Wizard
Earlier we discussed how to Import data from a Flat File Data source and to load it into MS SQL Server Table. That was very easy to implement and same is the case in Export Data Wizard. We can go ahead by selecting any of the ways I mentioned earlier in my Import Wizard post (If you want to again...

SQL Server Import and Export Wizard in SSIS – Part 1

Import and Export Wizard
Let’s get started with SSIS import and export wizard which is one of the simplest ways to implement your first SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) package. It is very useful as it provides the easiest method to move data from sources like Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Excel, and text files to any destination. Implementing Import and Export Wizard can be...

SSIS Architecture – SQL Server Integration Services

SSIS Architecture
SSIS stands for SQL Server Integration Services. It is a platform for Data integration and Work flow applications. It can perform operations like Data Migration and ETL (Extract,  Transform and Load). E – Merging of  data from heterogeneous data stores (i.e. it may be a text file, spreadsheets, mainframes, Oracle, etc.).This process is known as EXTRACTION. T – Refreshing data in the data...

What Is MSBI – Microsoft Business Intelligence?

What is MSBI
MSBI Suite MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. MSBI is a powerful suite and is composed of tools which helps in providing best solutions for Business Intelligence and Data Mining Queries. MSBI empower users to gain access to accurate and up-to-date information for better decision making in an organization. This tool uses Visual studio along with SQL server and offers different tools for...

What is BI – Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence BI stands for Business Intelligence, refers to set of techniques which helps in spotting, digging out and analyzing best information out of  huge data to enhance business decision making. Let’s go into the depth of this concept with an example. Example :-  Let’s take a basic example to understand how business intelligence can be beneficial for an organization :- Suppose, we...

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