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Introduction  Artificial Intelligence abbreviated as AI is defined as the Study of Intelligence agent. It defines the protocols for the machines (made by human minds) to act and understand the real human behaviour. The machine should respond in the same way as human being does. With this post, I am going to define what Artificial Intelligence means. To understand in a simple way, Artificial Intelligence is composed of 2 words – Artificial and Intelligence. Artificial means not real or not natural or we can simply say man made thing. Intelligence means acquiring skills and apply that knowledge to perform a task.

If the human brain were simple enough for us to understand, We would still be so stupid that we could not understand it.”  said by Jostein Gaarder

Artificial Machine Artificial machine deals with a lot fields which need a high amount of research and time. In general, we are planning to make machine as a human being. The diagram below is a flowchart to describe the attributes which we want to embed in a machine. It enables machine to take decisions.If we study the human tendency, most of time we learn what we see, observe or listen. But this is not true in case of machine. So our purpose to design a machine which has attributes like human and can take decision on the social and scientific grounds. That will be beneficial for the human era and age.

We can broadly look at Artificial Intelligence (AI) as below –

  1. Neural Network.
  2. Machine Learning.
  3. Automatic Speech Processing.

Artificial Intelligence examples

“The question of whether a computer can think is no more interesting than the question of whether a submarine can swim.” ―said by Edsger W. Dijkstra.

In today’s era, Artificial Intelligence is used in every field. I am writing below some examples to build your interest.

  1. Health Industry Kidney dialysis machine kenned as Artificial kidney, can supersede kidney function. They abstract toxins afore pumping clean blood back into the body. The first artificial kidney machine was developed by Willem Kolff in 1943. Can you imagine how artificial kidney would have helped the patients? They can still enjoy theirs life after an unfortunate kidney failure.
  2. Gaming I am a game freak. I love to play on Sony PlayStation. My brother always give me tough competition in FIFA game. All these fascinating games like DOTA, WOW, Game of thrones, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, etc. makes great use of Artificial Intelligence.

I already explained above that AI contains a lot fields. The most prominent (which I will explain below) are Automatic speech processing, Machine learning and Neural network.

3 divisions of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Point 1 – Automatic Speech Processing

Automatic speech processing is sub module of Artificial Intelligence. It deals with Speech recognition, Speech to text translation, Speaker identification, voice user interface and many more.

Point 2 – Machine Learning

Machine learning is a sub-module of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Computer technology that deals to develop and study of systems that can learn by itself (Self learning), rather than follow only pre-programmed machine commands.

Point 3 – Neural network

Question – What is a Neural network?

Answer It is a network of Neuron (Biological/Transistors) that are interconnected to each other. The functionality of this neural network is to pass/send the message (Brain/Main Machine) to produce the reaction. Below snapshot demonstrates the classification of Neural Network.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) – 2 types of Neural network
  1. Biological neural networks This is the interconnected network of biological neurons that are connected in a coherent or distributed way. The others terms of connection is on the basis of its functionality.
  2. Artificial neural networks The name itself is suggesting the work model. It is connection of transistors to exhibit the Biological Neural properties. It is used in the mathematical model and computational model for artificial intelligence (AI) and information processing.

Objective of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – The main objective to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) in today’s world is to understand the present biological network of the most intelligent species and to solve the artificial Intelligence problem.

Disciplines involved in studying Neural networks

Disciplines involved in studying Neural networks

With this we come to an end of this beautiful post on Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI). I hope this post must have build your interest in the field of Artificial Intelligence. I will provide more information in future posts. Like, Follow, Subscribe to Phpring tutorials for more. I will appreciate you for taking out time and post your feedback and queries below as comments.

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