What is BI – Business Intelligence?


Business Intelligence

BI stands for Business Intelligence, refers to set of techniques which helps in spotting, digging out and analyzing best information out of  huge data to enhance business decision making. Let’s go into the depth of this concept with an example.

Business Intelligence
Areas in Business Intelligence

Example :-  Let’s take a basic example to understand how business intelligence can be beneficial for an organization :-
Suppose, we have historical data of a Shopping Mart of 3-6 months. Here, in the data we have different products with respective product specifications. Let’s choose one of the products-say Candles. We have three types of candles in this category say Candle A, Candle B, Candle C. On mining of this data we come to know that sale of Candle C was maximum of these three categories. Now again digging into this data we got the result that the sale of this candle was maximum between the time intervals of 9 am to 11 am. On further analysis, we came to the conclusion that this particular candle is the one used in church.

Now, let’s apply business intelligence for this analysis :- What a business person /firm can do is, get other material that can be used in church and keep them in the vicinity of those candles. Now the customers coming to buy the candles for church can also have a look on the other church materials and may be tempted to buy them as well. Now this will definitely enhance the sale and hence the revenue of business.

Benefits Of BI :-  Making your Business Intelligent will always help in every field whether saving time, increasing revenue, to do forecasting, making profit,etc. There are endless benefits of BI, some of them are listed below :-

  • Helps in providing more accurate historical data by eliminating guess work.As analysis is mainly done on huge volume of data.So,accurate historical data will make sure that we get the correct result.
  • We can analyse customers behavior and taste(i.e. what he thinks,what he likes the most, what he hates,etc)  which can enhance your business and decision making power.
  • We can easily look where our customer needs more attention and where we dominates the market in satisfying clients needs.
  • Complex Business queries are solved with a single click and at a faster rate which saves lots of time.
  • Improve efficiency using forecasting.You can analyse data to see where your business has been, where it is now and where it is going.

Steps involved in BI end to end Solution are :-

  • Integration of data from different data stores using ETL (Extract Transform Load), on which analysis is to be done.
  • Loaded data is then analyzed for BI engagement.
  • Representation of the analyzed result in the form of reports,scorecards,dashboards etc.

Business Intelligence Structure :-


Don’t panic after looking at these complex words. This explains the meaning of Business Intelligence to a large extend. Further, we will discuss more about the concepts of MSBI (Microsoft Business Intelligence) suite – SSIS, SSAS, SSRS in our Tutorials.

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  • vijay

    very nice example, now I am clear about why BI use,,, thank you

    • Chander sharma

      Thanks for the comment !!! I used the same example during my presentation on this topic 🙂

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  • Great explanation bro superb

  • NiK BK.

    Hey nice post, nw i very much clear about it. I am getting chance to work on MSBI (SSRS,SSAS,SSIS ).
    Can please briefly describe scope of MSBI in future … ?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Nihar Kulkarni

  • Rajesh

    Really nice one. Any one can understand ,what is MSBI? to Read your post.

    • Hi Rajesh,
      I am glad to know that my post helped you and Thanks for getting the to appreciate it. 🙂 Stay tune for more !!!

  • VinothKumar

    Great Tutorial Dude ! Thanks a lot 🙂

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  • Pramod

    Excellent! 🙂

    This gives me a clear idea on what are the capabilities of BI.
    Thank you so much.

    Looking forward for more tutorial on MSBI.

    Do we have any posts on Qlikview in PHPRING.com?

    • Chander Sharma

      Hi Pramod,

      I am glad it helped you in Starting with BI.
      Bro, For MSBI – You can go to SSIS/BIDW/SSRS/Q lab sections and learn.
      Regarding Qlikview – I never used it. 😛
      Please teach me that thing 🙂


  • Swati Goyal

    Amazing Real time example. Even though I am from Non-Technical Background, your explanation was just a breakthrough..Please share insights on ETL & DWH concepts & Tolls as well if possible.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Madan Naresh



    Hi Chander,

    Your Study data is very good and helpful.
    I need e-books and pdf’ for Business Intelligence and Data warehousing.


  • Rajesh Reddy

    Hi Chander,
    I am looking forward to learn MSBI.whats the future of MSBI?
    Present I am working as an ETL Tester.

    Rajesh Reddy

  • Kalyan

    Hi bro,
    Superub explanation. I didn’t know anything about MSBI but when i’m going through your article it feels so easy to understand and know about the concept involved in MSBI.
    Thank You

  • Sharad

    Excellent description by providing a very good and logical example.